Water for the People (Early stage -- Support this project though our crowdfunding campaign!)


Help us secure sustainable drinking water access for more than 800 people in Aguas Agrias, Nicaragua!  We will equip the community with a solar pump and provide year-long technical training to manage local water resources.

We urgently need your support to begin this project, as the electric water pump has recently broken, further reducing water access.  Hear from the community, on how this has affected them 

Seeds of Democracy (Oct 2020, onward)


Planting Change Foundation's Seeds of Democracy project is strengthening youth participation in Nicaragua’s Drinking Water and Sanitation Committees (Comités de Agua Potable y Saneamiento, CAPS). CAPS are democratic community bodies that oversee water governance, including the distribution of drinking water and wastewater treatment to 1.5 million people in rural Nicaragua. This project is building the capacity of youth through a series of civic participation seminars, coupled with international outreach opportunities, and material assistance for participants to conduct skills-building workshops within their own communities. 

Climate Monitoring Education Program (Spring 2020, onward)

Planting Change, with partners CENICA and Centro Humboldt, implemented a climate monitoring education program and station at Colegio Teresiano and Colegio Santa Teresa de Jesús, with 1300 participating students. Students monitor and record rainfall, analyze data patterns, and study the relation to climate change, water access, and food supply. Teachers were trained to continue leading the program, thus strengthening the overall math and science curriculum through practical application. Students share the collected data with the 300-station Community Climate Observation Network, which provides projections and recommendations informing agricultural production throughout Nicaragua. (Spring 2020, onward)

Building off a number of similar campaigns at UN Climate Change Conferences (COPs), we are participating in a global,  youth-led movement calling for the food served at the UN Climate Conference 2021 (COP26) official venue to be plant-based. The campaign—housed under YOUNGO ’s Agriculture working group— will include a formal request to the UNFCCC Secretariat, the Chilean government, and the UK government, targeted social media outreach to key influencers, and a sign-on letter for groups and individuals all over the world to show their support.

Fare network sponsors an annual and worldwide campaign to promote non-discrimination and equity through soccer. PCF was in charge of promoting this campaign for Nicaragua in October 2020.  374 students and teachers from the Santa Teresa de Jesús school in Los Cocos, Malacatoya, and Granada participated in our workshops on human rights and gender equality.  Soccer served as method of demonstrating inclusion, respect, and integration of girls and boys. 


Centro Nicaragüense de Conservación Ambiental (CENICA)

CENICA, a Nicaraguan nonprofit, promotes environmental education and conservation. In 2019, CENICA implemented the Dump to Garden project, which partnered with local  communities to convert informal dump sites into sustainable food gardens. The Dump to Garden project also shared conservation workshops with community members on ways to reduce plastic consumption and prevent freshwater plastic pollution.

Centro Humboldt


Centro Humboldt is the largest environmental NGO in Nicaragua.  They financed a climate change monitoring system to be implemented in schools of Nicaragua, providing a method for students to track and analyze climate patterns, enriching the science and math curriculum. Humboldt provides accreditation and financing for our participation in the United Nation Climate Change Conference.


ANACC (Nicaraguan Alliance Against Climate Change)

Alianza Nicaragüense ante el Cambio Climàtico is a network of 40+ Nicaraguan NGOs that work to combat climate change. They provide capacity building, networking, and climate change policy advocacy.



Huerto means garden or orchard in Spanish. EcoHuertos is a community NGO that promotes organic agriculture. They are part of the Planting Change Foundation environmental leadership program and provide space to develop nurseries for the schools we partner with.

ELAW (The Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide)


ELAW helps communities speak out for clean air, clean water, and a healthy planet. We are a global alliance of attorneys, scientists and other advocates collaborating across borders to promote grassroots efforts to build a sustainable, just future. ELAW provides institutional support and shares legal expertise with Planting Change Foundation.