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We are building a sustainable future

Our mission

Our mission

To increase the capacity of Latin American communities and grassroots environmental organizations to protect natural ecosystems and promote sustainable human development.

Our vision

We want to build a world where communities across Latin America work together through conservation and education to build a sustainable world for current and future generations.

Plant Paradigm

Hear our founder at
Plant Paradigm podcast.

Hear Bernis Cunningham (Planting Change founder) on the state of Nicaragua, Climate Change, & Implementing Chang‪e‬.


Theory of Change

By providing hands-on environmental education, Planting Change equips youth and communities to protect natural ecosystems and promote sustainable human development.


Projects to protect ecosystems are vital to conserve natural resources and combat climate change. Planting Change supports community-led conservation initiatives and builds the capacity of community groups to prevent and tackle future environmental abuses.​

our team
Our Team

Bernis Cunningham


He is an active lawyer in Nicaragua and studied Environmental Sustainable Management at UC Berkeley.


Geovanny Vanegas


Geovanny is multimedia editor at Planting Change Foundation.


Uriel Aguilar

Project Manager

Uriel provides project management and education for Planting Change.


Maria Lopez


Maria provides accounting and communications support for Planting Change.

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-06 at 2.41.38 PM.jpeg

Arasi Torres

Environmental Engineer

 She has taken charge of the installation of a laboratory for water quality analysis in the different rural communities. 


Kajal Below


As a professional in the educational technology industry, she brings expertise in project management, partnerships, planning, and operations. 


Krista Shennum

Vice President

Krista works to advance climate justice and human rights around the world. 


Eduardo Mosqueda

Board Member

Eduardo is a lawyer with 8 years of experience in the defence and promotion of third-generation Human Rights, with a specific impact on Western Mexico.

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