Planting Change Foundation was created in 2019 to build the capacity of grassroots organizations in Latin America to protect the environment and support the sustainable well-being of local communities.



We want to build a world where communities across Latin American work together through conservation and education to build a sustainable world for current and future generations.



The Planting Change Foundation grows the capacity of Latin American communities and grassroots environmental organizations to protect natural ecosystems and promote sustainable human development.

Theory of Change

By providing hands-on environmental education, Planting Change equips youth and communities to protect natural ecosystems and promote sustainable human development.


Projects to protect ecosystems are vital to conserve natural resources and combat climate change. Planting Change supports community-led conservation initiatives and builds the capacity of community groups to prevent and tackle future environmental abuses.

Where we operate

We are based in the US, working with partners in Nicaragua to implement education and conservation projects.

Core values

  1. Respect for communities’ desire for improvement

  2. Autonomy of the organizations we support

  3. Capacity building

  4. Innovation and learning

  5. Transparency